Gyaan Adab Centre strives to enrich the literary and cultural life of people of all ages by providing a variety of creative programmes. The Centre aims at fostering new creative work while showcasing the old and established literary and artistic traditions and streams of thought. By playing its role to the fullest, it intends to bring together people of all ages in a celebration of tradition and modernity.
Gyaan Adab Centre on an average showcases four programmes a month with a literary flavour. The programmes endeavor to be cross-genre while blending different languages and cultures, generating creative enthusiasm by engaging people in participatory activities.
Book readings, talks and expositions are presented in a stimulating manner with the aim to engage the audience in an interactive milieu, encouraging participants to explore diverse themes and ideas that emerge from the programme. In order to achieve this we often use multiple presentation techniques.
Gyaan Adab often presents a play of live music and poetry set around core themes and ideas in order to create dynamic tapestries of words and sounds with the aim of inspiring audiences to become part of a creative process.
Drama and dance at Gyaan Adab is an intimate sharing of experience. This is been made possible by the naturally well contained environment that has an enchanting ambience.
We believe that film viewing and appreciation becomes more meaningful when a film maker presents his or her work. This provides viewers with the opportunity to enter the world of a film maker and discover the creative process and subliminal themes and ideas that are embedded in the work. This is perhaps why we are very selective when hosting a film viewing and appreciation event.




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