Gyaan Adab Centre is committed to fostering the enjoyment of language, literature and the arts for recreational and creative purposes. To further this end the Centre makes available a variety of courses and workshops. These are open to children, young people and adults.

For children, there are unusual creative workshops that are aimed at enhancing self -expression, inventiveness, skills, the enjoyment of the literary experience through art, dance, music, theatre and numerous unconventional forms, emphasizing the process rather than the end product, thus giving children the opportunity to discover their own specialness. Ingrained in the activities are elements that assist in encouraging the values of tolerance, inclusiveness, appreciation of diverse cultures and ways of ‘doing’ and the empowering force of literature.

For adults, there are recreational, creative and professional workshops and courses that are stimulating and self-enhancing. These include story-telling, creative writing, content writing, play writing, screen writing, journal writing, writing for the media and traditional forms of visual and written narratives.

Cross genre and intercultural experiences are encouraged in order to help create a more caring community.




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