Words within Worlds

Gyaan Adab organised an evening with U. S. based writer poet Mukta Sambrani on Saturday 12th July at 6.30 pm.

U. S. based poet and educator read poems and engaged her audience in a stimulating conversation about literature in Indian languages, translation, issues of representation and marginalization and writing with a historic and political awareness.

Mukta opened with a poem in Marathi and followed it by presenting two iterative poems which capture the process of translation. Mukta then read poems from her book the Woman in this poems isn’t lonely and poems from her manuscripts Broomrider’s book of the dead and Lone black bird, which have appeared in numerous anthologies in India and the United States.

Patrons engrossed in Mukta's words
Patrons participated in an enriching discussion
Patrons in awe of Mukta's work.
Nityaasha Foundation