Not all superheroes wear capes. The best ones don’t even have the powers that we thought they do. They don’t fly, have inhuman strength or X-ray vision. Some of them have superpowers like kindness, compassion, love and the will to keep going. 

The Young Players Children’s Theatre workshop was brought to a conclusion at Gyaan Adab with the performance of When A Hero Comes Along. Produced in association with Expressions Limited, the children were mentored by Hina Siddiqui and Mahrukh Bharucha, and the course was facilitated by Kiran Kedge and Gehna Varia. 

Held on the 2nd of October, Gyaan Adab welcomes attendees of all ages, parents and uncles and great-grandmas, to witness the effort our Young Players had put into their performance.

Our little actors, aged 6-13 worked hard over the course of their workshop to bring their family and friends this performance, where they shared their take on what truly makes a hero. With over 30 hours of training and rehearsals, the children we’re almost vibrating with the nervous energy as they took to the stage. And we must say; they blew us away.

As each of them explained what a hero meant to them, family and friends beamed at them proudly from the seats. Sentimental smiles and joyous laughter were elicited at the sight of children prancing about on stage with minimalistic props, their act complete with adorable facial expressions and exaggerated vocal modulation. 

The effort to use the skills taught to them in the nearly 2-month long course was paid off by the roaring applause and standing ovations they received at the end of the performance. 

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