Visions & Voices

17th June 2016, Friday – 25th June 2016, Saturday

The Journey of Artist & Writer Reshma Val was portrayed ever so beautifully in her recent exhibition here at the Centre.

She wrote a path-breaking book Fallen Standing: My Life As A Schizophrenist, which covers the first part of her story of life that led to her schizophrenia. Now for the first time, she exhibited her works of art which have been largely influenced by the voices she hears and what they have come to mean to her.

According to her, the exhibition ‘…is based on the visual hallucinations that have dominated a large part of my life. Whilst the book told the story of what society would understand and relate in terms of life experiences, my art work serves as a visual insight into a spiritual awakening in every life experience I have had and come to have before and after my schizophrenia.’

Though the drawings and paintings on display use a variety of mediums, they are held together by words that reveal the intense journey of a schizophrenist who is gifted with the unusual ability to use images and words to tell her story. The inauguration featured Vidyashree Rai in a contemporary Kathak performance.

During the course of the show, Reshma also curated a workshop cum interactive session using a variety of performance techniques and art expressions with the intention of helping participants to undergo a cathartic understanding of her experiences.

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