The wonder of everyday life

August 21-28th 2015

The Centre stood rich for a week’s time as the joys and struggles of the common man were presented ever so deftly in Sameer Dixit’s exhibition- THE WONDER OF EVERYDAY LIFE.

Sameer’s inspiration for this series were the characters one comes across every day in one’s life. They could be your run-of-the-mill conventional individuals but each of them harbours a story within. From the fisherman to the local newspaper vendor, from the waiter in a restaurant to the coolie on a railway platform, his work covered a plethora of people and their emotions.

About the artist20150503171910

Every moment of life and its surrounding environment inspires Sameer Dixit to draw and paint. Using acrylic and the occasional charcoal on canvas, he began painting professionally in 2011. Born and brought up in Pune, he has a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting from Bharatiya Vidyapeeth College and has gone on to win several awards and recognitions.

You can view the exhibition online here:

Nityaasha Foundation