The Water Bearers

– An exhibition by Coppre


Coppre art
Coppre art

The Coppre exhibition at Gyaan Adab featured a range of exquisite copper utility pieces titled ‘The Water Bearers.’ Just in time for summer, Coppre exhibited the tradition of metal in contours and containers.

Coppre reflects the legacy of metal craftspeople. It is the outcome of a creative collaboration with the Tambat metal craftspeople, to evolve a contemporary range of copper products that cater to the present while retaining intact, the heritage craft process.

Coppre works with the craftspeople, by contemporizing their products for contemporary sensibilities thereby making the old relevant in the new. It is a social enterprise which is a culmination of a livelihood project initiated in 2011 by INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) and Forbes Marshall Foundation.

The exhibition was inaugurated with the lighting of diyas placed in an intricate copper bowl by chief guest Arti Kirloskar, founder of Coppre, Adhar Mirchandani and Director of Gyaan Adab, Randhir Khare.

Gleaming water carafes, candles and other beautifully designed pieces, all of copper, were innovatively arranged in accordance with the theme. Visitors flocked in and marveled at the utility and beauty of the copper articles.

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