The Spirit of Journeys (Empty Cafe)

4th December 2015, Friday

The final performance for the inauguration day of Journeys- A Festival of the Arts was a most delightful performance by Empty Café, a 2-piece band.

Empty cafe is a fusion band merging not just two instruments but two different cultures and genres of music originating in opposite corners of the world. Featured at the NH7 weekender in 2010 and invited to the Ladakh confluence 2010, this band comprising guitarist Vinay Kaushal and talented flautist Gandhaar Amin and accompanied by percussionist Shreya’s Iyengar and bassist Among Jamir, promises to be an unforgettable musical adventure.

It was a little known fact that it was Empty Café who had created the festival theme song. This was then played out with much pomp and splendour. They then went on to play various soul-enriching tunes as the evening dulled into a amalgamation of stars and even the crickets began humming to their music. The cherry on the cake was when they played out the theme song of the animation cartoon series ‘Pink Panther’ much to the audience’s delight! With Vinay on the flute and Amin on the guitar/vocals, the last act was the most melodious one. All in all, it was a fitting end to a glorious evening of celebrating the journey of so many things around us.

Nityaasha Foundation