The Paperboat Stories

20th August 2016, Saturday

A mesmerizing evening of rain, roots and reminiscence brought to life through the narration of four tales that revolved around different emotions, reflected in the metaphor of a paper boat. These stories dealt with everyday incidents – a father-daughter relationship, friendships in college, romantic struggles of the young and the old. Music, narrative, imagination and the underlying association with the characters and the story create a unique experience.


Hemant Baliwala is an interactive storyteller who performs solo at different book cafes and open mics in Pune and is also part of the Pune Storytellers group. He brings to life stories from the past and his original work using music, poetry, and audience involvement. Vedashree Mahajan won the Best child actress award this year at the New York Film Festival and by Government of Maharashtra. She has acted in the movie ‘Silence’. Urjita Kulkarni is a sexologist by profession. She writes articles for newspapers and is often invited for radio talk shows.

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