The Mad Hatters’ Tea Party

Gyaan Adab

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The Red Door


Orchestrated Q’works


The Mad Hatters’ Tea Party


The Merchants of Madness

In this month’s edition of the Mad Hatters’ Party, there was something new in store. The participants gathered only to be put in an awkward spot by our facilitators Val Resh and Orchestrated Q’Works. Time revealed that there was a method to this madness. The facilitators wanted to drive a message, or perhaps a question into the minds of the participants. How tolerant are we towards people with mental disabilities whose disabilities do not fit the bill of conventional norms?

The participants were urged to interact with someone in the crowd they weren’t acquainted with. Following this, there was a sharing among all present.

Date: Sunday, 4th October

Time: 4.30 PM

Donation pass: Rs. 50

Nityaasha Foundation