The Garden Of Life

  • Every wayside blossom has a beauty all its own,
  • If only the restless traveller would bear to wait and watch –
  • The dainty daisy, the pretty pansy,
  • The stately sunflower, the elegant hollyhock.
  • Every wayside blossom has its cup ful of nectar,
  • If only the resistant traveler would dare to stop and sip –
  • The ravishing rose, the heady hyacinth,
  • The fragrant jasmine, the juicy honeysuckle.
  • Every wayside blossom has its own tale to tell,
  • If only the rushing traveller would care to pause and listen –
  • The enchanting jungle orchid, the exotic desert bloom,
  • The elusive touch-me-not, the enthralling forget-me-not.
  • – Kusum Gokarn
Nityaasha Foundation