The Dream That Changed The World – Session 1

Gyaan Adab


The first session of

The Dream That Changed The World

Session 1


This project includes a series of workshops that will lead up to the production of the play, “The Dream That Changed The World.” It is about the importance of dreaming, hoping, striving- for a better world. This play is meant to be an inspirational journey which will offer kids humane, creative and liberating experiences that will help them find their OWN special solutions to often taxing problems.

The introductory session was facilitated by Aman Modi where each child introduced themselves with an adjective that began with the same letter as their name. Next, a warm activity was facilitated by the director of Gyaan Adab and the play, Mr. Khare. It was time to dance next where Alakananda Chatterjee taught the children a choreographed piece, and the little dreamers were introduced to the idea of switching between choreography and improvisation. Lastly, a session about the importance of dreams was conducted by Radhika Bagdai through a storytelling session.

Date: Saturday, 12th May

Time: 10 am – 1 pm


Nityaasha Foundation