The Dream That Changed The World – Session 3

Gyaan Adab

conducted rehearsals and workshops for

The Dream That Changed The World

Session 3


We began this session with a sing-along conducted by Varnita Bose. Next up was a sharing session where the kids spoke about their favourite space/thing. This was followed by playing the ‘Become’ game led by Mr. Khare where the children were given small roles to play and they learnt the importance of stepping into their character’s shoes. Dance was next where the participants experimented with partner work and learnt about symmetry in movement. Lastly, a session on challenge stories was conducted by Radhika Bagdai where the children spoke about difficulties they have faced and how they overcame those difficulties.

Date: Thursday, 17th May

Time: 10 am – 1 pm


Nityaasha Foundation