The Diamond Cutter

by Michael Roach

BOOK REVIEW by Arun Thomas

Book reviewed : THE DIAMOND CUTTER by Michael Roach
Presenter : Sanjay Phadke
Date : 12th Dec 2021

The author is an ordained Buddhist monk who was commanded by his spiritual teacher to work in New York for a diamond firm.

He was to be a Buddhist sage on the inside and a normal businessman on the outside. He co-founded the company
Andin International Diamond Corporation and by applying the teachings and principles of the Diamond Sutra, he transformed the Company: it started with a capital of $ 50 thousand to sales in excess of $100 million a year.

The book is based on a theory by which anyone can create wealth (not necessarily monetary but also social, spiritual,
emotional etc), be healthy and look back with satisfaction while doing business.

It starts with the concept of “emptiness” which basically means everyone is “empty” but each one of us has a hidden potential within themselves – much like a diamond which when mined initially looks just like a lump of coal, but when cleaned, cut and polished expertly it shines brilliantly.

Mental imprints of our thoughts and deeds are created within our mind – from the time we are born – and emotions provides amplification while intent determines the depth. As the imprints multiply, they become exponentially stronger. Our subconscious is the repository of the imprints and the stronger ones keep bubbling up to the top much like a seed which flowers and becomes a tree.

The book lists 46 business problems which can be solved by carefully replanting the garden (or temple) of the mind. This is done by finding a co-relation for what is happening outside to what is causing it from the past inside. Thus, our own future can be invented imprint by imprint, bit by bit and block by block – a human block chain.

To be healthy, one needs to guard against 6 mental afflictions which hurt physical health on an hour to hour basis. Creativity can be unleashed through silence and contemplation – hence it is essential to follow this through a weekly circle (one day in a week) or a forest circle (2 weeks at a stretch).
Success in business can be assured through these 3 ultimate Management Tools :–

  1. Observe, learn and focus on others
  2. Exchange self with others (empathy)
  3. Rope (lasso) trick – become one with the other person

    The concepts in the book are complex and hence difficult to comprehend and probably even more difficult to implement. It may take years of practice before one fully understands and can start practicing before one sees the benefits of their efforts.

    Sanjay was ably supported in the presentation by Saurabh (who joined from Australia – post midnight) and they tried,
    within the short time available, to help the participants understand the concept. Apparently, Saurabh is an entrepreneur and has been successfully using this technique for the last 15 years with much success.
    None of the participants had read the book and therefore could only try to wrap their minds around this profound concept.

    Hence, questions were limited to the understanding (or lack of it) gained during the presentation but Sanjay and Saurabh did their best to answer the questions as well as they could.
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