The Collages of Jacques Prevert


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The Collages of Jacques Prevert


About the Event

Showcasing an artistic genius; an exhibition of Jacques Prevert. Contrasting images that reveal the world as it really is, challenge stereotypes, question our beliefs and alter our mental landscape.

The inaugural function features a multimedia presentation, poetry recitals and animated films.



Jacques Prévert was a poet, a scriptwriter and an artist of repute. When he was not writing, he kept himself busy by cutting, assembling and sticking photos, drawings and images. He used to compose his collages from ready-made images –postcards, reproduction of art works, magazine pictures, photographs taken by his friends Izis, Brassaï, Villers, Trauner. The construction of his collages somehow evokes theatrical staging. He used to put pre-cut characters on a scene and move them until they found their place.

Behind the assembling was a genuine artistic concern. He did not merely assemble images but worked on them, transformed them with colors and highlighted them with felt pens, pencils, Indian ink, scratched their surface to mix elements, gave them a three dimensional effect or bursts of light. Jacques Prévert had a distinctive taste for bright colors. The framing of his collages and the coloured paper on which he mounted them, which constituted an integral part of his work, were the subject of great care.

DATE: Friday, 9th June
TIME: 6.30 PM
Exhibition will be on display till 17th June 6.30 PM.

Nityaasha Foundation