Discussed the Secret Garden

Gyaan Adab


The Children’s Book Club


We started with an ice breaker where the kids introduced themselves and described their ideal birthday.

This month’s book, The Secret Garden, was chosen by Bhavya, (8 years old), and she worked independently to prepare questions for an insightful discussion. The kids could all relate to wanting a secret corner for themselves where they can be free to explore their own thoughts. We discussed the impact that being with nature has on our emotions and stress.

The parent child relationships in this book were complicated, but it was inspiring to read about neglected children who learned to love and care for others. Some of the kids said this was their favourite book so far and the boys were surprised that they enjoyed the story despite their prejudice that this was a “girls’ book”.

Date: Thursday, 25th Oct

Time: 4.30 PM

Nityaasha Foundation