‘Don’t Tell the Governor’ by Ravi Subramaniam

The Book Club Pune met on Sunday, October 11th to discuss ‘Don’t Tell the Governor’ by Ravi subramaniam

Read on to know what Prashant Sinha thought of Monali Chatterjee’s presentation of the Book:

Monali Chatterjee, English faculty, Nirma University, Ahmedabad in  her talk on Ravi Subrmanian’s Don’t Tell the Governor dealt extensively with the plot of the novel. As she pointed out, continuing his line of novels about banks, bankers and financial institutions, Subrmanian has written one more ” thriller. ” Monali referred to his drawing upon the history of the last two decades to write a story full of numerous sensational events involving extensive corruption and mismanagement in the ministry of Finance, Government of India and the Reserve Bank. The speaker commented on the major characters, focusing more on their actions than on their deeper selves.

The discussion that followed the talk revolved around  both the genre of the novel as a “potboiler” and the interaction of facts and fiction in this work.
Prashant Sinha.

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