The Rosary was presented by Kamlesh Bhasin



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Held on the 20th of March, the newest edition of the Book Club undertook Florence L. Barclay’s The Rosary, the story of a young artist who is reputed to love beauty above all else in the world, but who, when blinded through an accident, gain’s life’s greatest happiness.

A rare story of the great passion of two real people superbly capable of love, its sacrifices and its exceeding reward, it was a bestselling novel that reached the number 1 spot in 1910. The Rosary is a testament to the idealism that dominates modern society and breaks barriers of the physical pursuit that dictates the foundation of establishing most relationships.

As Barclay writes,

“She had once been described, by one who saw below the surface, as a perfectly beautiful woman in an absolutely plain shell.” 

With charm and an undeniable chemistry between the characters that still appeals to modern readers, The Rosary has pull that has transcended time; over an entire century.

The talk was presented by Kamlesh Bhasin, who went on to elaborate the intricacies of the novel, and its Edwardian portrayals.

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