The Bhor Ghat Rail – An Engineering marvel 1856

Gyaan Adab through its initiative GyaanPedia, presented a session on the Indian Railways specifically about the Lower Bhor Ghat section. On popular demand, we had Mr. Apurva Bahadur present this as his passion for the Indian railways is truly infectious. He, along with other rail-enthusiasts have hiked a specific section of the lower Bhor Ghat rail and has documented through photographs the various engineering marvels the rails present. Before he began, rightly so, thanked his friends who partook in the adventure and glad for the fact that they were “crazy” enough to do this with him.

The session primarily dealt with an eight kilometer stretch of the Lower Bhor Ghat Rail which originally is on 27 kilometers. The former starts from Palasdhani and ends a Jambroom. After a brief introduction to the area that the rail spans, Mr. Bahadur took the audience through a detailed timeline of the Bhor Ghat.

The timeline spanned from the 1850’s up until 2020. The 1850’s were called the Alice Trudwell years, named after the contractor who signed off on the construction of the ghat rail. It was originally built as a double lined section. The 1950s were called the Bakhle years and primarily dealt with the separation of the double line by creating a new alignment. The 1980s dealt with an Indian railways contractor and the years where the third Bhor Ghat line was built for increasing capacity. Each section was discussed in great detail by Mr. Bahadur.

The first of the five episode series on the lower Bhor ghat came to an end with an Q&A session. The audience greatly appreciated the initiative. Follow us on social media to know more about our upcoming event.

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