The beginning- Inauguration

Gyaan Adab - Celebrating Literature Inaugurated on January 9, 2014
Gyaan Adab – Celebrating Literature Inaugurated on January 9, 2014

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”
– Philip Pullman

In an endeavor to provide a stimulating recreational and interactive creative arts space where people of all ages may read, interact and share in the exciting experience of literature and the arts, Gyaan Adab officially opened its doors to all literature enthusiasts.

Gyaan Adab was inaugurated on January 9, 2014 where close friends of the founders and committee members were introduced to the ethos of the Centre and got a taste of the program that will unfold in the months to come.

The event commenced with a Bharatnatyam performance to Ganesh Vandana after which each of the founders and advisory committee members lit the auspicious diya.

Gyaan Adab is non-profit organization started with the aim to provide an interactive space for people of all ages to experience the joy of literature in its various manifestations. Nadia Sen Sharma elaborated on the philosophy of Gyaan Adab, its aims, objectives and programs though a power point presentation.

Gyaan Adab aims to bring people together in a celebration of cultures through literature, and as languages are important highways that allow people to communicate within the world of different cultures, the Centre will emerge as a cross section of languages. This point was reiterated as each managing trustee and committee member explained in different language the essence of Gyaan Adab. Founder and managing trustees, Mr. Farook Merchant and Mrs. Nasima Merchant explained the genesis and thought behind Gyaan Adab. Mrs. Merchant spoke in Urdu while Mr. Merchant presented his thoughts in English. Advisory committee members Mr. Satish Khot and Mrs. Mohini Khot expressed the need of a centre like Gyaan Adab in English. Mrs. Mumtaz Peerbhoy summarized her thoughts in Urdu by reciting a shayari which captured the spirit of Gyaan Adab. Mrs Dnyanada Naik sketched out the function and importance of Gyaan Adab through a Marathi story. Honorary Director of Programs at Gyaan Adab, Mr. Randhir Khare recited the essence of Gyaan Adab through poetry.

Gyaan Adab aims to hold thought provoking, participatory and enjoyable programs in the realm of arts and literature and to provide a shared and inclusive platform which will encourage and foster creative aspirations. The hundred odd guests present at the inauguration got a glimpse of the variety of programs that Gyaan Adab will be hosting.

Juhi Parmar, who has trained under Mahrukh Barucha presented an engaging dramatic piece ‘Why-olence’ where she covered the various aspects of violence like war and domestic and communal violence. Maitreyie Chavan, another student of Barucha, provided comic respite through a delightful recitation of Rudyard Kipling’s poem ‘My Rival’.

Bringing together dance and poetry, Bharatnatyam dancers Aaparna Dhupkar and Priyanka Khair, gave creative interpretation through their graceful movements to Varkari saint Bahinabai’s poem ‘Khopya made Khopa’.

The event ended with a lot of positive feedback and well wishes. A new literary journey has begun.

Aaparna Dhupkar and Priyanka Khair, lend creative interpretation through Bharatnatyam Bahinabai’s poetry
Juhi Parmar performs “Why-olence”
Maitreyie Chavan recites Rudyard Kipling’s poem ‘My Rival’
Mr. Farook Merchant throws light on the philosophy of ‘Gyaan Adab’
Mrs. Nasima Merchant talks about the genesis of ‘Gyaan Adab’
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