SWAP at The Heroine’s Journey

On the 21st of December, SWAP held an intimate gathering of its members at Gyaan Adab. Setting up tables with items on them for sale and swapping, SWAP invites its members and new-comers to take a look and pick up what may appeal to them. Founded with the vision to repurpose and recycle, SWAP helps pre-owned objects find a new home. 

SWAP members lovingly recounted some of their SWAP Soul Stories (their various adventures on the group and their heartwarming interactions).

Pavan recounted a story reminiscent of a children’s storybook where he received candle holders and wicker baskets from a sweet old woman, who went on to talk to him about how beautiful things have this habit of making people ‘feel’ beautiful; energizing and cherishable.

Saraj and Manjiree gave an account of their amiable altercation, a humorous retelling of their catfight over some candles that ended in sit down over a cup of tea and some memories to laugh about.

Another attendee, a self confessed veteran of many garage sales and SWAP bazaars, narrated a story of when her household help repurposed an army-issued folding bag into a hammock for her baby granddaughter. The essence of the group, to never let anything go to waste, shines through in its application that create stories like this. 

Their policy of using only biodegradable materials and as little plastic as possible had them bringing large stainless steel dabbas filled with homemade food meant to be shared. Tables set up with wares started to empty out quickly, lured by the unbeatable prices.

The camaraderie between SWAP’s patrons was infectious, and they invited everyone coming in for a cup of tea and some kind conversation. 

SWAP and their warm embrace drew a sweet close to the end of the Heroine’s Journey’s programming for 2019.

Nityaasha Foundation