Stay Fit Stay Young by Milind Halbe

GyaanAdab under its initiative GyaanPedia presented Stay Fit, Stay Young featuring Milind Halbe. A fitness enthusiast, Milind Halbe will shared his story of how he got hooked on running, trekking and wildlife photography. Based on a slide show of his high altitude trekking, he discussed what exercise and fitness levels are required for such activities. The session began with Milind providing the audience an understanding of what it takes to maintain a healthy body from the perspective of the number of minutes to practice per week. For instance, to keep oneself healthy, one needs to workout roughly for at least 180 minutes per week. If the goal is higher and involves a trek and training for the same would require one to work out roughly 360 minutes per week. A basic introduction into fitness for treks and the process to train for the same was followed by Milind’s own adventures and expeditions. He spoke of the time he trekked Mt. Mera peak which is at a height of 6475 metres and our presenter had managed to scale 6200 metres. Similarly, he spoke of how he prepared to go see the Northern Lights and how he had the opportunity to witness the aurora display. The main segment of the session dealt with breathing. Milind is a Certified Instructor of Chi-Running by Danny Dreyer USA, and has run 26 Half Marathons and 2 Full Marathons in the last 7 years.He has also completed a 7-day course on the Oxygen advantage in Breathing Technique by Senior Master Lee Hing Yen, Singapore.Click the video above if you missed the session to listen to the various insights about breathing and how it can help you while training and for your well being. This segment was followed by a lively discussion with our Gyaan Adab regulars. Please follow our Facebook page and on our website to know more about upcoming events.


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