Sojourn – The Stories That Feet Tell

(Art Review :: Volume 3)

An Exhibition of Drawings By Sucheta Siddha.

From infancy to adulthood and beyond, our feet feature in numerous social, cultural,  community and religious customs, beliefs and practices. But these don’t leave any impression on the stories of our lives. People do. Those who walk in and out of our lives leave footprints that knowingly or unknowingly change the paths of our lives for better or for worse and in the process alter our perspectives.
In this exhibition Sucheta Siddha uses the essential form of feet to explore this complex and many faceted experience in order to provide multiple perspectives for the viewer – from which life and relationships can be viewed.
Her drawings are sharply defined, confident and energetic. Their immediacy is evident as they connect with our lives at an essential level. The physical is reinforced and made symbolic, challenging the viewer to also look at larger emotional, social and ethical implications. Borne out of deep internal experience and reflection, the drawings express the emerging accomplishment of a talented artist.
The fabric mounting adds a dramatic dimension to each work as the powerfully emotive images stand out against the whiteness of the paper and the earthiness of the fabric, poignantly throwing into relief the inherent struggle which remains unresolved.
These drawings have been created over a period of time, giving each the time and reflection it needs to ‘become’. Drawn from 150 thematic works, they best represent the specialness of this series.

Randhir Khare

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