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Sindhi Adabi Sabha celebrating "Sindhi Bhasha Day - 10th April"
Sindhi Adabi Sabha celebrating “Sindhi Bhasha Day – 10th April”

On the 10th of April Gyan Adab centre once again organized a successful cultural event at the Gyan Adab centre in Kalyani Nagar. This time it was a joint venture with Sindhi Adabi sabha and co-ordinator Mrs. Vijaya Tecksingani of pune to celebrate the Sindhi Bhasha Day. Mr. Govardhan Sharma welcomed the guests of honor writer Mrs. Tara Mirchandani and Principal Mrs. Aruna Jethawani on dias.

The programme commenced on time with a verse from sukhimini sahib in Sindhi in the melodious voice of Vijaya Tecksingani who welcomed the gathering. Founder former President Mr. Govardhan Sharma informed the audience that many leaders took initiative to acknowledge sindhi language for National Integration purpose after which so many facilities were granted by The State and Central Government. On the 10th of April 1967 Sindhi language was recognized in the 8th schedule in the Indian constitution. All the National Leaders played an Important role and Dada Jairamadas Daulatram former governor of Assam & Bihar and food minister of Govt. of India were the key persons in this process of acknowledging Sindhi language, Literature and culture.

Poet Tikam Bhojwani and writer Saroj Bharwani sang sindhi traditional songs. The pride of Pune’s Sindhi writers and recipient of Sahitya Academy award for Sindhi stories Mrs. Tara Mirchandani presented one of her moral based short stories. Poet Prakash Ahuja, Poetess Indira Shabnam Poonawalla, Poetess Neelam chaberia Poetess and writer Vijaya Tecksingani and writer and poet Mr. Govardhan Sharma Ghayal, read poems, Gazals and new poetry on social spiritual and topics of national concern. Mr. Motiram Lulla read some jokes form his book of collection to lighten the atmosphere. Principal Aruna Jethawani expressed her happiness about the function and praised the commendable efforts of Gyan Adab Centre Convenor Neelam Chabria proposed vote of thanks the crowd dispersed with happiness in heart after tea and light refreshments.

Mrs. Vijaya Tecksingani – co-ordinator of the sabha welcomes the audience.
Mr. Govardhan Sharma
Mr. Govardhan Sharma – founder and former president of the Sabha welcoming the group of poets and authors
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