SALON (Easy Wanderlings)

13th April 2016, Wednesday

Gyaan Adab brought out its second edition of the comforting evening of SALON –  an intimate creative experience. This evening, we had the Easy Wanderlings with us. They are a band who have defined themselves in the genre of ambient indie pop and folk music.

The performance began just as twilight bid farewell to dusk and shook hands with the night. All in all, It was a musical journey worth remembering. The band say they were inspired by several memories and stories from around the world. Some as simple as sitting and sipping chai at tea stalls or having simple but meaningful conversations with people around oneself, and even of the feelings one feels while simply being alone with nature.

Easy Wanderlings began its journey in March 2015. While their music tends to be easy on the ears and soothing, it is an amalgamation of folk, soul and country. They have been featured in MOSTLY Strings, Indie Folx, Spurify Yourself, Indie Music Dimension and Swell Tone. The band consists of two vocalists, two guitarists and a keyboardist.

The video link for this programme shall be put up shortly!

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