Rolling In The New

Gyaan Adab


Rolling In The New

An event that showcased the work of budding filmmakers. This event was received warmly by the audience and our patrons. These were the films that were screened:

1. One’s Tango

Writer/ Director – Helly Thakkar


2. Trinity

Writer/ Director – Mahesh Iyerer & Helly Thakkar


3. Before it’s Too Late

Writer/ Director – Gaurav Sharma


4. The Decision

Writer/ Director – Ketan Pedgaonkar

5. Hello Mumbai

Writer/ Director – Mahesh Iyer

Following the screenings, a Q&A session took place where the directors for the evening shared their experiences and thoughts regarding their films. Apart from technical details, themes of relationships, love and humanity emerged, providing a great end to a Saturday evening!


Date: Saturday, 5th August

Time: 7 PM

Donation Pass: Rs.50/-


Nityaasha Foundation