Tum Ko na Bhul Payenge

Gyaan Adab and Guldasta-e-Urdu paid tribute to dear members on the 5th of June, 2021. The tribute was dedicated to Vijaya Tecksingani and Shamshad Takidar, two literary gems of the Gyaan Adab team whom we lost tragically to Covid-19. 

With their immense contribution and memories lingering in all our minds, the Guldasta-e-Urdu team presented their work in an unforgettable manner. Nasima Merchant, Kanchan Tripathi, Ruksana Jamadar and Dr. Mumtaz Peerbhoy took us through the works of both the poetesses in a seamless fashion. 

Authors of both prose and poetry, Vijaya ji and Shamshad ji have proven that they left a mark on everyone they met, not only through their work but even through their presence. Both of them brought an energy to all our programmes where their contribution and presentation skills heightened the effect. What more, their near and dear ones were ready to speak in length about both of them. 

Both their daughters, Shamshad ji’s husband, literary figure Nazeer Fatehpuri and many more had kind and memorable words for both of them. This tribute touched the hearts of the Gyaan Adab community, and one thing was clear that Shamshad ji and Vijaya ji will be missed eternally.

If you have missed the same you can see the recording below :

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