Review of The Magic of Mountaineering by Umesh Zirpe

You may have missed the program online. Here is the recording of the program.

Umesh Zirpe has dedicated himself to mountaineering. He has Successful summits under his leadership seven 8000m peaks in seven consecutive years. Among other accolades, he has been honoured with Maharashtra’s highest Shiv-Chhatrapati Adventure Sport Award. 

He is the Founder-Director of Guardian Giripremi, Institute of Mountaineering. Under his guidance, over 10,000 students have undertaken various adventure educational curricula. He is also the President of Akhil Maharashtra Giryarohan Mahasangh.

During the program Umesh Zirpe revealed the story of his love and passion towards the hiking and trekking. Since his childhood at the age of 13th how he developed this adventure sports activity it is really encouraging to the new generation. He have made efforts in the building sportsmanship of the youth of our nation. Also his efforts and with the help of some health traineers in Pune they could start a curriculum in Pune University for adventure sports as “mountaineering”.

Umesh Zirpe explained journey when he started the rock climimbing in western ghats of maharashtra, viz. Dukes nose, Dhak Bihari, Taila Baila. Torna. Soon this built the experience in Himalayas, and Mount everest attracted his attention.
Various mountains in Himalaya range were explored with Giripremi. He also explained how they summitted 8000der mountains expeditions. How to best use the oxygen supply, Food, usage of equipments and mountaineers have to carry minimum 15 to 30 kg equipments and 5 kg of personal stuff with each of the climber.

He explained how much Sherpas help mountaineers especially in the death zone, going in and through death zone with strong fitness and intelligence is a challenge. There is a big cliffhanger and crossover in everest expedition. The percentage of risk is 1 out of every 10 climbers lost life in that region.
Definitely Sherpa’s are the persons who did a lot and growing. One Sherpa who is educated till 2nd standard is now biggest stockist of mountaineering material having crores of turnover.

Successful simmits under guidance of Umesh Zirpe.

2012Mt. Everest2016Mt. Dhaulagiri
2013Mt. Lohtse2017Mt. Manaslu
2014Mt. Makalu2019Mt.Kangchenjunga
2016Mt Cho-Oyu2021Mt. Annapurna-1

The attendees also asked the important questions and gathered knowledge on the subject.
They also rememberd1996 tragedy 8 climbers were stuck and sherpas did rescue operation.
Umesh Zirpe shared 2013 film of Everest 6 climbers of giripremi. He also explained how Mount “Mandar” expedition taught him to accomplish without any trouble. A successful expedition is possible only when 60% planning and deligation of authority and 40% to get tasks done well and give credits and awards to everyone participated.
He also expressed how awareness is increased in youths and seniors nowadays.
There is various researches going on for the food for high attitudes. DRDO is also innovating such thing to support Army people.

Over all the program was very knowledge filled and encouraged audiance to explore more in this field.

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