Remembering Kaifi Azmi

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Gyaan Adab and Guldasta-e-Urdu presented a memorable evening with an event titled Remembering Kaifi Azmi.

The evening began with a beautiful rendition of ‘Itna toh zindagi mein’ by Dhanashri Ganatra.

The first segment spoke of the Kaifi Azmi’s childhood and early life. This segment was well scripted and delivered by our new Guldasta-e-Urdu member, Khalique Kazi.

Mujtaba Lokhandwala presented a detailed understanding of Azmi’s nazm Aurat. The poignant nazm speaks of how life is full of strife. He addresses women and speaks of how there is a struggle ahead of her for everything she seeks. He asks her to find the fire within her, and not the obstacles laid out for her by people around her. He beckons to ‘her’ carry on with her struggle. He calls upon her to take charge of her fate and join him in her struggle for betterment.

Next, the program witnessed a beautiful explanation of Azmi’s Taj Mahal by Ruksana Jamadar. The poem speaks of how the Taj Mahal isn’t the token of love that is popularly known as. The poem is a sarcastic take on the effect the monument had on people while it was being built.

Next, we had Zehnaz Mustafa beautifully recite the poets nazm Tassawur that elaborates the beauty of women.

Mumtaz ma’am followed this recitation with a dramatic reading of Zindagi by the poet. This was followed by a soulful recitation and explanation of Ek Lamha by Aga Rasul.

It was time to explore the contribution to cinema now. We had Sanjay Saxena provide us a detailed review of Garam Hawa. He delved into the socio-political message of the Partition-based film.

Next, we had Zuben Alif review Azmi’s film Heer Ranjha which was completely written in the form of poems. This segment included an evocative give and take of Shayari from Heer Ranjha between our very own Kanchan Tripathi and our new presenter, Zuben Alif.

The final segment of the evening had beautiful renditions of ‘Yeh Duniya Yeh Mehfil’, ‘Kar Chale Hum Fida’ and ‘Yeh Nayan Dare Dare’ by Anand Mhasavade and more soulful renditions of ‘Milon na tum to’, ‘ Waqt ne kiya’ and ‘Kar chale hum Fida’ by Dhanashri Ganatra. Both the artists were supported by Gyaan Adab patron Neerja Apte.

All our new members of the Guldasta family were supported and mentored by Naseema Merchant, Farook Merchant, Kanchan Tripathi, Ruksana Jamadar, Dr. Mumtaz Peerbhoy and Neerja Apte.

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