Review Feathered Friends of Pune presented by Prakash Garde

Yesterday evening participants witnessed wonderful presentation and grasped knwoledge about the birds around us in Pune. Here are some of the questions answered comments shared by participants.

Dilip Patwardhan :

I have a flat in Athashree Pashan. Behind Athashee is a hill. I always see lot of birds there and was curious to know about their names.
After attending yesterday’ webinar, now I am confident I can find out more about birds.

Apurva Bahadur:

A question for the bird watchers in the group. In the grasslands of Vetal Tekadi, I have heard the loud call of a bird. The sound is nonharmonous, something like the braying of a donkey. The sound has five almost identical phrases with timing like 1-2, 1-2-3, in which the 1-2-3 is at a faster pace, to be finished in the same time as the 1-2. I have never seen the bird as it is probably hidden in the grass. Any idea what bird this is? Is there a website or an app that lists bird sounds as per the location? Regards Apurva

Prakash Garde ans= There is also an app ‘Merlin’ which has recorded bird calls. It allows you to id birds by call but you need to have recorded the call and have to upload it. The app will compare the call with its database and show the id of the unknown bird. <courtesy youtube>

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