Review And the Mountains Echoed    by  Khaled Hosseini

Presentation on And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hossaini by Sheena Shahani on 20 March 2022 on Zoom

Review by Shabbir Karu
Considering the voluminous book of 400 pages spread across 9 chapters the presenter Sheena did an excellent job in presenting us the book in a very lucid way in around 45 mins. It is a dense book, incorporating many characters – all in difficult situations – who, we gradually discover, are connected to each other. The narrative is non linear, and moves between Afghanistan, Paris and California. It presents many sets of siblings and shows the bond they share. They share affection, a protective instinct but also, in some cases, rivalry and jealousy. 

The ppt was very colourful, catchy & unique. The talk started with Sheena giving a brief intro about the author’s background as an immigrant from Afghanistan to USA. The author is a doctor  who continues to practise Medicine. His 1st book “The Kite Runner” was an international best seller.

This book is a tragic tale set against the background of the history of the country. War-torn, impoverished, the future seems bleak. Hossaini focuses on an old Afghan farmer and his family and how it comes to be that he is persuaded to sell his dear 3 year old daughter to a rich family in Kabul for adoption. Her brother Abdulla is bereft and never gets over the loss. When he has a daughter many years later, he names her Pari after the sister he lost.

Each of the 9 chapters uses a voice or the point of view  of one of the characters involved in that part of the story. The interactions and dialogue ring true.
The plot comes full circle when the adopted Pari meets  with her brother Abdulla and his daughter –  also Pari. 

The presenter Sheena Shahani did an excellent job in condensing the big book & presenting it in a nutshell for the delight of all the present members

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