Reel Art

20th June- 25th June, 2015

On the occasion of World Music Day, songs and melody filled the Centre in the evening. At the same time, art adorned our walls in the form of Pooja Kamble’s innovative work with old tapes and cassette reels.

When Bruno Mars released Just The Way You Are in 2010, its video gathered instant critical acclaim. If not for the melody within, but more for the unique presentation using tape reels in the official music video. Pooja, a Pune-based artist, was charmed by its visuals and she decided to add a similar quirky touch to her art. One could spot Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson, Pandit Ravi Shankar, among other maestros, in her work. After all, transforming the obsolete cassettes into art only adds more meaning to the aspect of music.

Nityaasha Foundation