Reaching for the Stars

Gyaan Adab


Reaching for the Stars


As a part of The Children’s Theatre Programme at Gyaan Adab, our budding actors staged The Wish That Ran Away written by Randhir Khare and The Squiggly in the Fish Pond written by Nishita Bakshi.

The Wish that Ran Away spoke of how all the stars that grant wishes were tired of always giving and never receiving anything, not even gratitude. It was upto the children to convince the wishes. In the end, they were successful when they learnt that all it took was a little gratitude and wishing better for their loved ones to bring the stars back.

The Squiggly in the Fish Pond is the story of Anamika, a little girl who through a series of bizarre events learns that it is important for every child to be themselves without the burden of unrealistic expectations by their elders.

Date: Sunday, 25th November

Time: 6 PM

Entry free

Nityaasha Foundation