Poetry Slam

Gyaan Adab Centre in association with Airplane Poetry Movement, hosted the 11th Poetry Slam on Saturday, November 1. This fun-filled event was organized by a group of young, dedicated literature enthusiasts to give a plat form to budding poets and encourage them to share their poetry. The open mic event allowed poets to take the stage and wow the audience with their captivating poems. The judges were randomly picked from the audience, as the poets who performed were judged solely on their ability to connect with the audience. Talking about the birth of Poetry Slam, Chandrakant Redican, a volunteer said, “The first Poetry Slam was started 11 months ago by an 18-year-old college student, Manasi and the idea just snowballed, making the event grow at a fast pace. We see people from diverse professions and cultures coming together to share their love for poetry.” The event that lasted for over three hours saw poets of all ages spill their hearts out. Mayak Mark Susngi and Harpreet Singh won the crowd by their poems and were the selected winner and runner up of the event.





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