Poetry On Film

12th August 2016, Friday

A most splendid evening of Hindi kavita and shayari was presented on film here at the Centre!

The second edition of Poetry On Film portrayed a rare treat with acclaimed film director Imtiaz Ali reading Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry, Swara Bhaskar reading from ‘Pash’ and as requested the last time around, one got to hear stalwarts like Ashok Bajpeyi and Udai Prakash, along with poems of new celebrated artists like Baabusha Kohli. At the same time, local talents from the city used their voices to bring to life the poetry of yore.

These poems were carefully chosen by authors and editors from around the country and brought to life by quality cinematography, art direction and music, giving them that special magic that they truly deserve.

About the Director: Manish Gupta is a filmmaker, writer and a columnist who has been devoted to popularising poetry in Hindi. His ground-breaking YouTube channel ‘हिन्दी कविता’ has gathered the cream of acting talent in India to present poetry.


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