Phad Painting Workshop

Gyaan Adab

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Heart for Art


Phad Painting Workshop


Despite the scorching heat, patrons of the arts showed up at our centre to learn and know more about a traditional Rajasthani art form.
Phad paintings of the Bhilwara/Shahpura region of Rajasthan can be traced back to more than 700 years. Phad means ‘to read’ and these paintings are known not only for its vibrant colours, but also the fact that it is accompanied by an oral tradition of rendering gatha (folklore). The colours are painstakingly extracted from natural sources—stones, flowers, herbs.

Our facilitators for the workshop, a duo of brothers, Vivek and Vijay Joshi were extremely patient with our participants. They explained in detail about the tradition and the method used in extracting colors. They were kind enough to provide our participants with their own set of naturally extracted colors too.

Date; Saturday, 20th April

Time: 3- 6 PM

Donation pass: Rs. 1500

Nityaasha Foundation