Patanjali’s Journeys

4th September-11th September 2015

The Centre came to life once again under Patanjali Bhati Thakkar’s exquisite variety of paintings. In pen, ink and charcoal with streaks of acrylics or watercolors, textured depictions in oil colors and even tea, these paintings stood proof of Patanjali’s understanding of life’s journey.

About the artist: Growing up painting cards for family and friends since the age of 4, Patanjali Bhati Thakkarbelieves painting is like meditation. In the sense that art simply represents the state that the mind takes. “It is very much the artist’s mind, hanging on the wall out there!” she quips. Artists like Nalini Malini, Amrita Shergil, Monet and Van Gogh inspire her to bring out interesting aspects of the most mundane things in life.

Nityaasha Foundation