Pal do pal ka shayar

Saturday, 26th November 2016

Guldasta -e- Urdu garnered a new gem in its series of events and gatherings – Pal Do Pal Ka Shayar witnessed a large gathering of Urdu literature enthusiasts. They were present to reminisce the beauty in Sahir Ludhianwi’s poetry.

The presenters were Mumtaz Peerbhoy, Nitu Bajwa and Rashmi Sabale.

The evening began with discussing the childhood and youth of Ludhianwi, further informing the audience about his career as a lyricist in Bollywood. Snippets of songs by Ludhianwi were screened, and naturally the audience joined in.

Towards the end, members from the audience volunteered to sing his songs and provide additional information about the poet. Undoubtedly, all present at the event will be left thinking of Sahir Ludhianwi for days to come.


Nityaasha Foundation