Original Poetry by New Writers at The Heroine’s Journey

Part of The Heroine’s Journey series and curated by Bullock Cart Poetry, Gyaan Adab presented an evening of Original Poetry by New Writers. Each poet performed spoken word presenting their interpretation of the modern-day Heroine. Their work spanned their icons, the women that inspired them and the Heroine’s that they want to see today.

The Heroine’s Journey itself was an arts festival that sought to analyze the representation of women and their roles as heroines in various media, and to redefine their perception.

Presented by Arohi Shrivastava, Shruti Saumya, Harshita Shivhare, Ankita Singh and Sarosh Jafari, the evening was a brief reprieve in the hustle and bustle of the Heroine’s Journey, a relaxed evening showcasing talent from our own city of Pune.
The emotive and heartfelt presentations were a pleasure to witness. As each poet took the stage, the applause from the audience was rousing.

Nityaasha Foundation