Objectif Sport

Date – Friday, 24th March
Time – 06.30 PM
Entry Free

Gyaan Adab

In association with

Alliance Française de Pune


Objectif Sport

A Photo Exhibition

Each year, the Fondation Alliance Française organises an International non-professional photography contest within the wide network of Alliance Française. In this 6th edition, 103 Alliances Françaises from 50 different countries participated.

Last year's topic was “Objectif Sport".  Amateur photographers were invited to present works illustrating a sport, which, in their opinion, best portrayed the sport of the country and the values it conveys. The final jury in Paris selected 44 photos to be exhibited around the world. Many photos were from India, and Rashmi Alevoor, who represented Alliance Française de Pune was declared the runner-up by an eminent jury of professional photographers, journalists and gallery owners.

A Mallakhamb performance was also organized, where athletic and spirited young boys displayed their skills and prowess on the Mallakhamb pole.

The audience remained tightly stuck to their seats as these boys scaled the Mallakhamb pole with nothing but their bare hands and feet and struck mighty poses at the top.