Music Smiles – musical / karaoke programme


music-smiles8MusicSmiles, a part of Rotary Club of Pune, Kalyani Nagar, in association with Gyaan Adab and Dignity Foundation, was held on 22nd May 2015, Friday. It was an occasion for music and melody to combine as old memories were rekindled through yesteryear songs.


The Rotary Club has held several social projects in the city and MusicSmiles has been conducted at a few old age homes, cancer patients, defence people, blind schools, senior citizens and many more associations where the audience has been entertained by live music and karaoke performed by Rotarians. Rotarian Shamim Bootwala who hosted the evening sang a most soulful ‘Jaane Jaan Dhoondta Phir Raha’.
Talent was more than abundant as the karaoke machine occasionally sauntered out a high score of 99 or a 97 when in fact the maximum score available was 96! The uniqueness of the evening didn’t just stop there, for quite a few from within the audience came forth to shake a leg on the stage. As the merry evening progressed, one could even spot a few spectators gazing down from the high-rise opposite the Centre, enjoying their own version of a free show.

Nityaasha Foundation