Moustache by S.Hareesh

About the Novel:

Moustache is the story of Vavachan, a Dalit,  who is given the  part of a policeman in a musical drama that requires him to grow a huge moustache.  Ordinarily, because his caste is forbidden facial hair, he would have been expected to shave it off once the musical is over. But Vavachan refuses to do so… and thereby hangs a tale! In telling this story, S. Hareesh weaves in the politics of caste, power dynamics and the ecology of the landscape into the narration.

About the Author

Hareesh is best known for his short stories and screenplays in Malayalam. He  works as a village assistant at Kaipuzha in Kottayam.

About the Presenter

Shanti Menon is on the Board of  Mai Family Services, a South Asian community based organization in Michigan, USA, that works with  survivors of domestic abuse.  She is also a co-founder of AccessED and works with Indian students applying to North American colleges.

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