9th October 2015, Friday-15th October 2015, Thursday

For the period of one week, Gyaan Adab flourished to life with FOUR- an eclectic collection of four new artists. The Centre’s walls were be adorned by four talented artists, who have been indulging in one form of painting or another since the past few years. These were Geeta Rajput, Samarin Sayed, Shriparna Sarkar and Sneha Potdar.

About the artists

  • Geeta started dabbling with water colours alongside her father at an early age, which created an interest that refused to deplete.
  • Currently working as a Visual Art teacher at an IB school, Samarin’s paintings are an interplay of the subconscious and conscious. Ever since she was a child, her mother’s paintings were her windows into luscious nature and she was the one who introduced her to the word ‘abstract’.
  • A graphic designer by profession, Shriparna’s work presented here is both personal and exploratory in nature, and has been composed over a period of nearly seven years.
  • Sneha’s tryst with art began since her school days as she began creating, appreciating, exploring, absorbing & learning through painting.

See the video narration here:

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