A dramatic reading of remarkable letters

Gyaan Adab



A dramatic reading of remarkable letters


The event was curated by Darshan Savalia. The presenters for the evening were Namita Kichlu, Sharad Dubey, Ameya Khullar, Harshil Pahiwal, Deva Agarwal and Payal Gill.

The event moved each one present. The discussion that followed had the audience speaking about fond memories associated with letters. An understanding by the reader that letters require effort. On this note, a comparison was made between a long text message and a letter. It is likely that we might now and then ignore reading a long text message but never leave a letter halfway.

each member of the audience took a moment to speak about a memory associated with a letter and the event came to a close. It was great way to spend a Saturday evening.

Date: Saturday, 2nd Feb

Time: 6 PM

Donation pass: Rs. 50

Nityaasha Foundation