Leaves from My Journal

– Bharati Kapadia – Art exhibition and Performance


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Noted artist Bharati Kapadia exhibited her work at Gyaan Adab titled ‘Leaves from My Journal’. The consequence of an on-going process, the exhibits were born as an idea to begin with. Bharati chose to work with smaller format and a restricted colour palette. In each leaf, the stepping stone is always a fabric form placed within the space of handmade paper.
The opening of the art exhibition also featured a solo performance by the artist – ‘Untold Stories’ – a collage of numerous memories, ideas, observations, comments giving a glimpse into the life of the artist.
Bharati describes it as “a script, a kind of story, non-linear in structure and layered in narrative style, of implicitly connected memories, episodes, ideas, observations, references and comments, ranging from personal to social and political, from topical to historical, fact to fiction and other such notions. It is a tongue-in-cheek rendition, informal in temper that envisages an oral, performance-based milieu for its presentation.”
The performance directed by Jim Sarbh was an experimental piece that was appreciated by the audience.

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