Khawateen Ka Mushaira

We were glad to host our first Guldasta-e-urdu event in our new premises, the Merchant’s Bungalow. Continuing our celebration of International Women’s Day, we presented ‘Khawateen Ka Mushaira’ on 12th March, an evening featuring performances by an all female line-up.

Our performers for the evening were Prabha Mathur, Dr. Mumtaz Munawar, Dr. Kanti Lodhi, Neelam Saxena, Kanchan Tripathi, Shamshad Jalil Shad, Vijaya Tecksingani and Aparna Kadaskar.

Through the shers that were recited, we explored the theme of womanhood- the experience of a woman in a relationship with a partner, her conversations about life with her daughter, her role as a mother and her standing in society. 

It filled hearts to have so many women attend the programme. The event came to a close with an open discussion between the audience and the performers. As a parting gift, everyone was awarded a small gift for celebrating the women they are. 

Nityaasha Foundation