Jan Nisar Akhtar – Ek Jhalak

Gyaan Adab 



Jan Nisar Akhtar- Ek Jhalak


This month’s edition of Guldasta-e-Urdu, titled Jan Nisar Akhtar-Ek Jhalak, as the name suggests was dedicated to the life and work of the renowned poet. Curated by Naseema Merchant, the event was presented three new faces on the Gyaan Adab stage, Namita Kichlu, Prashant Katyayan andAkash Khandelwal. The evening began with an introduction to Akhtar’s work. This was followed by speaking about the letters Safiya Akhtar, wrote to her husband which strongly impacted his literary work. Towards the close of the event, audience members shared their opinions regarding the poet’s work and also recited few poems of his.


Date: Thursday, 28th September

Time: 7 PM

Entry Free

Nityaasha Foundation