Hina Siddique – Founder Orchestrated Q'Works introducing the concept
Hina Siddique – Founder Orchestrated Q’Works introducing the concept

Gyaan Adab in collaboration with Orchestrated Q’Works presented three short plays on the theme of love to a packed house of theatre enthusiasts on Wednesday, October 29.  Theatre as an art-form is consistently maturing while returning to its infancy, and must consistently be revitalized through experimentation and collaborative effort. It was with this is mind as well as the need to bring theatre out of the proscenium to more alternative spaces that brought together a bank manager, a visual artist and a theatre-director-cum-educationist to work on a single concept and create three entirely new pieces of performance. Through workshops, intense scripting sessions and elaborate discussions – the concept of love was taken apart and remade as something that becomes an invisible line of thought through existence. Thus was born: .hop.skip.jump:
These plays gave the audience an intimate theatre experience.  The first play performed was ‘Enough?’ directed by Mahrukh Bharucha, It revolved around that moment between just right and too much, when the mind can’t stop talking. And questioned whether it mattered how much and how true we love. And is love really ever enough?
‘Daddy Issues’ directed by Hina Siddiqui followed, showcasing the many things a father and son share. It showed the things that they don’t, however become the real issue. What’s a child to do? What’s a dad to say? What difference does it make anyway?
The last play performed was ‘Shaken or Stirred’ directed by Jaideep Mujumdar. The short play highlighted that moment of doubt we all experience, just before we chose our path. And presented the possible outcome of what would happen if your girlfriend and your boss decided to hold your hand through it.
The three plays got a thunderous applause from the audience.

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