Happier and Healthier with Reinaa Shukla

Gyaan Adab in association with Artsphere Pune presented Happier & Healthier – A talk for women by clinical dietician Reinaa Shukla Indian OriginDietician. This talk was a part of a five-day programme, Manhita, which celebrated mental well-being.

Reinaa Shukla discussed the effect of hormones on the mental state of women, methods to prevent stress, and shared recipes that are beneficial for mental health.

Reinaa Shukla is a clinical dietician and practitioner of Alternative medicine and functional medicine. She has studied Public health from Australia and excels in community nutrition. She has  developed healthy food recipes and balanced diets in an illustrious career spanning two decades.

After a brief introduction to her craft, Reinaa went on to speak about the importance of maintaining one’s mental health, and how the actions of our day-to-day lives impact this in ways we don’t expect.

She went on to share some recipes she had formulated keeping in mind what foods are known to cause good biological reactions, and are healthy.

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