I Sense – Exhibiting Art by Deepali Parmar

DATE – Wednesday, 11th to Monday, 16th January
TIME – 10.30 AM to 7 PM

Deepali Parmar is a strong believer of giving in to one’s senses. Her paintings are an outcome of her relationship with the space and energy that she is surrounded by. “Drop your mind and come to the senses,” she says to anyone who aspires to create art.

This series emerged as the artist responded to her mood and created beautiful forms on Chinese paper with Japanese inks. She uses a multitude of colours on her paintings to mirror the state of her mind. Also, the fluidity of ink removes all rigidity of form in her work. In this series Deepali’s techniques of water-color explore how opaque and transparent images can be layered to give a sensory experience and a sense of space and belonging.



Deepali Parmar is an artist, thespian, writer and creative counsellor who has passionately engaged with the arts and literature over the past 3 decades. Her art is informed by the sensory experiences and creative emergence and how these translate into inter-personal relationships between people, spaces and environments. Influenced by the lives of indigenous communities and children she continues to examine the nature of creative transference. Her art has been exhibited in solo and group shows in India and USA since 1999.



Nityaasha Foundation